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Seawall Installation Orlando FL

Coastal flooding and erosion can be a challenge to homeowners living in and around the Orlando area. Each year, we see an ever-increasing number of properties afflicted by the degrading effects of the sea and know how much more dramatically the issues are becoming, due to augmented weather conditions. And you no doubt have begun to notice similar if you live along any one of the waterfront locations around the city. That is why seawalls are a consideration everybody should be making. If you are interested in keeping your property and land protected and secured long-term, you will no doubt want to invest in quality new seawalls. Fortunately, you have come to the best place anywhere in Orlando for precisely that. That is because, here at Orlando Seawall Services, we can offer all local residents and workers the highest caliber seawall building solutions, tailored to their unique needs.

Expertly Crafted Seawalls

Our professional crew is experienced specialists within this industry. Collectively combining many years working on seawall design and development, we have built up quite the acclaim for ourselves in the region. We are best known for our industry-grade materials, exemplary building techniques, diligence in design, and most of all, our approach to longevous and erosion-resistant solutions. To put it briefly, when you come to us, you can expect an expertly crafted seawall that will stand the test of time without wavering. So, choose us for your seawall installation needs, and don’t settle for any less.

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Custom Seawall Design and Excavation

The best thing about choosing to collaborate with us on the installation of your new seawall is the fact that you get full control over the design. Our team custom designs every seawall so that each customer achieves the things they want with theirs. To you, that might mean certain materials, a particular aesthetic, the redesign and excavation of your terrain, or anything else that you see fit. We truly can offer a wide variety of options and would be glad to implement any features you feel necessary.

Aesthetic Seawall Styles

If you are specifically hoping to get more out of the aesthetics of your seawall, you will be pleased to hear we have numerous appealing styles available. Aside from the simple yet effective metal sheet seawalls we most commonly install, we can offer custom concrete, stone, boulder, brick, and formed metal walls. Each offers something unique and can add an eye-catching style to your waterfront. All you must do is tell us the style you love the most and leave us to realize it.

Commercial Seawalls

And, if you are considering the installation of new seawalls for your commercial property, you can rest assured that we will be just as happy to offer you, our support. Our Orlando team can be there to design and install commercial seawalls of any scale. Once again, all you need to do is let us know the requirements you have for the specification, and we could promise to take care of the rest.

Types Of Seawalls

​Seawalls are classified into different types: concrete, cobble or boulder seawalls, sheet piles, riprap, vinyl, wooden, and steel seawalls. The type of seawall required for your property is determined by the soil along your shoreline, the weather, and the specific needs of your property.

Concrete seawalls are used in areas where the shoreline is frequently impacted by large waves. These are built with large concrete blocks that are poured into place. Concrete seawall repair begins with the construction of walls that are typically anchored deep into the soil, either by digging a deep foundation or by sinking piles into the soil until they reach bedrock.

Riprap seawalls are made up of large and small boulders as well as concrete chunks. When you look at a riprap-reinforced shoreline, it often appears to be well-placed white and gray rocks with various grasses and plant life growing in and around the rocks. Riprap can also be used to strengthen the foundations of older seawalls. These seawalls are excellent for preventing soil erosion in storm-prone areas with light to moderate wave action.

Sheet pile seawalls are not as attractive as other types of seawalls. They are, however, extremely effective at deflecting waves and preventing soil erosion. These seawalls are anchored deeply in the soil and placed against the bank to provide additional support. Large rocks at the base and rocks behind the steel sheets can be used to reinforce these seawalls. These seawalls are ideal for areas subjected to moderate wave action and soil erosion as a result of severe storms.

Wood is a classic choice for seawalls and is often the most affordable option and also the strongest material when first installed. However, wood seawalls are susceptible to decay, borers, and water wear over time. As a result, frequent repairs and inspections are necessary. Often, wood seawalls need to be replaced or repaired several times before the structure can be considered safe. This can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Proper care will extend the lifespan of these seawalls.

Large cobble and boulder seawalls resemble decorative rock walls found inland. These are extremely appealing to the eye. They are made of large rocks and boulders that are mortared together. Large cobble and boulder seawalls are ideal for properties that experience mild to moderate wave action. They redirect waves without jeopardizing the seawall’s integrity. Consider how a toy car accelerates when dragged backwards. When it reaches the slope, it careens down in and around the loop-de-loop, where it would otherwise fly backwards.

A vinyl seawall is a protective barrier made of durable vinyl materials designed to prevent erosion and protect waterfront properties from the impact of waves and water. Vinyl seawalls are ideal for areas with softer soil conditions, as they offer excellent resistance to corrosion, rot, and pests. They are best used in coastal regions, lakes, and canals, where the water level fluctuates and where a robust, low-maintenance seawall solution is essential for the long-term protection of the shoreline.

A steel seawall is a sturdy and reliable barrier constructed using steel sheet piles or panels to defend coastal properties and shorelines against erosion and wave impact. Steel seawalls are exceptionally strong, making them suitable for areas with high water flow and significant wave action. They are best used in locations with strong currents, tidal fluctuations, and areas prone to storms, hurricanes, or rough weather conditions, where the added strength and durability of steel are essential for robust shoreline protection.

​The Average Cost of Building a Seawall in Orlando FL

The average cost of constructing a seawall in Orlando, FL varies according to soil conditions, length of the seawall, type of construction required, building material, and accessibility to the site. The soil depth and whether the seawall can be built from the land side or from the waterside are the two factors that have the greatest impact on cost. The type of building materials required to construct a durable seawall that will last 50 years rather than 10 years is determined by the soil at the seaside. If large piles must be drilled deep into the soil to support the seawall, the cost increases.

When a seawall must be built from the water using boats and large platforms, the cost can rise by up to 40%. Typically, seaside construction is required when there is insufficient space between the wall and the property’s strictures or when the soil conditions cannot support the weight of construction equipment. Therefore, an on-site estimate is the best way to determine the cost of your seawall installation in Orlando, FL. This allows us to assess your property, determine the length of seawall required, and discuss construction material options. Only an in-person estimate can provide you with an accurate cost for your new seawall, allowing you to budget for installation. Contact us today for an estimate and to learn more about the types and styles of seawalls we build in Orlando, FL.

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