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Living close to the water comes with its benefits. Especially for those that really connect to the ocean, it can be a dream, bringing greater satisfaction than any other simple pleasure life has to offer. Naturally, this may incline you to better integrate your property to the body of water around you and make you want to take better advantage of the space. At Orlando Seawall Services, we share this inclination and love helping our clients to do that. That is why we are honored to tell you about our fantastic range of services in custom boat dock, deck, and lift installations. Any waterfront Orlando property would be better off with one of these premium fixtures. They would immediately allow you to enjoy more from your waterfront and could be available to you for a lower price than you ever thought possible when you call us.

Custom Boat Dock Design

Having a bock dock customized to meet your needs gives you the perfect space to safely store your boat or watercraft. Living by the waterfront gives you the unique opportunity to use your boat conveniently and easily; a luxury few have the privilege of enjoying. But you could be making the experience all the better by having your own, customized dock. Moor your vessel more securely, make getting on and off as easy for you as possible, shelter yourself from the rain, or include any other features that you think you could use.

Boat Dock Installation

Then, allow our team to take care of the installation of your new dock using our industry-standard range of materials. We have something for everybody and to meet every budget, so you can always count on us to build the perfect dock in Orlando. Your dock will be fitted with the utmost care and precision so that it is durable and stable at all times. So, contact us with your needs today and assure yourself of the perfect new boat dock.

Dock Lift Installation

Additionally, you may wish to explore the installation of a dock lift if you are planning to remove your boat or watercraft from the water at any point. This is a great idea in the way of security and ensures that you never have a challenging time transitioning between land and water. You just need to make sure you find the perfect thing for you, which you can always count on doing when you take advantage of our fantastic range of solutions.

Waterfront Decks

On the other hand, if you are simply looking for a way to enjoy the views across the water from the comfort of your property, perhaps one of our water’s edge deck installations would be more appealing. Having your own waterfront deck would allow you to capitalize on the simple pleasure of relaxing by the water. You could sit, eat, socialize, or do anything else whenever you are so inclined, which we think is one of the most satisfying things life has to offer.

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Custom Docks to Meet Your Specific Requirements

Select Orlando Seawall Services for all of your dock installation requirements. We have a large selection of custom docks to meet the needs of any boat owner. When you choose us, you’ll get products that showcase the best of Florida craftsmanship as well as the use of cutting-edge technology. We are deck and dock specialists, and the quality of our services exceeds that of our competitors. You can rely on our talented team of deck builders in Orlando, FL because we are experts in custom boat docks, decks, and lifts. We always use the highest quality marine-grade materials, ensuring the longevity of your deck or dock. We work on both residential and commercial projects of all sizes.

Floating docks come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles. For support, we typically use foam-filled plastic floats and a wooden frame that matches the standard fixed dock. To match the fixed dock, the frame is then decked with marine-grade wood or plastic decking. Aluminum-framed floating docks and concrete floating docks are two other options. Ramps made of aluminum or wood are used to provide access from the uplands to the floating dock. For stability, we prefer to build our docks 8′ or 10′ wide. Floating docks make it easier to load and unload a boat with people or supplies than fixed docks. Kayakers also appreciate the low free-board for entry and exit. Make an appointment for a FREE on-site estimate on a new custom dock built by us. We’ve been building long-lasting custom boat docks, decks, and lifts in Orlando, FL for years.

Build a Deck On Your Property

We are able to build all types of decks for local property owners in Orlando, FL, in addition to boat docks and lifts. We only use the highest quality materials to construct our custom decks, which are built to your exact specifications. Choose between wood and composite decking materials for your new deck. For many years, our locally-owned business has been a part of the Orlando community. Call us for a free on-site estimate, and we’ll have it ready for you in one business day.

Choosing Your New Boat Lift

​For many years, we have installed boat lifts. Our boat lifts are manufactured locally in Orlando, FL by the most experienced lift manufacturer in our area. We have an excellent service team, and if your boat lift develops an unforeseen maintenance issue, they will handle it for you. Our boat lifts are the most powerful on the market. Boat lifts weighing up to 300,000 pounds are available capacity.

The vertical boat lift is currently the most efficient cable-drawn lift design. Vertical Boat Lifts were invented a few decades ago and have since become the industry standard. It is distinguished by its parallel upper beams, each of which contains a motor-driven shaft through which four cables are wound. The cables are connected to the four corners of the boat cradle, which is raised or lowered by rotating the shaft clockwise or counterclockwise. Our top beam vertical boat lifts can be configured to be “low-profile,” allowing you to use a covered top beam as a boarding platform for easy access to your boat. Vertical boat lifts are currently available in three models: Alumavator, Platinum, and Superlift.

Elevator Boat Lifts are commonly used on restricted waterfronts where outboard pilings are not permitted, such as on narrow canals, or where driving pilings is difficult due to hard bottom conditions. Elevator boat lifts can be mounted vertically or at an incline on seawalls or pilings. Our elevator boat lifts are gusseted using one-inch thick billet aluminum plates with CNC machined channels that accept the carriage I-upper beams and lower flanges. This feature is not available from any other manufacturer. This not only provides mechanical support for the I-beam, but it also ensures proper geometry in all three dimensions and fixes the proper angles for the arms. With the superior capabilities of our experienced team of marine specialists, you won’t have to worry about over-stressed welds or misaligned elevator arms.

Specialty lifts are designed for specific applications where the standard vertical or elevator boat lift is not the best option due to limitations or personal preferences. However, there are three types of specialty boat lifts, each one tailored to a specific application.

  • Trident Lift – The Trident lift is a three-post boat lift that complies with triangular riparian setback restrictions and allows easy access in and out of the boat slip.
  • Beamless Lift – Many homeowners in Orlando, FL prefer the beamless lift because there are no upper lifting beams to duck under or step over when accessing the boat. Another advantage of not having an upper lifting beam is that the view of the waterway is not obstructed.
  • Marine Railway – The Marine Railway is ideal for beach access or other gradual slope conditions where deep water docks or seawalls are not available. This one-of-a-kind lift is frequently used to pull boats or seaplanes onto dry land, into boat houses, or into garages.

IMM Quality Boat Lifts creates the best PWC Jetski Lifts in the world. Mounts for seawall, dock, and piling installations are available. They offer three PWC lift models to choose from:

  • PWC 1,500 – For storage, the PWC 1,500 swivel lift rotates 180 degrees over your dock or seawall and is ideal for a single jet ski.
  • PWC 3,000 – Jet skis, small jet boats, and small skiffs can all be handled by our PWC 3,000 lift.
  • 4,500 Dual PWC – The 4,500 Dual PWC lift is a standard elevator lift outfitted with dual bunking and a guide system to accommodate two jet skis. This lift comes with an 8-foot walk plank for easy access to either craft.


Overall, the PWC 3,000 and 4,500 Dual PWC lifts are available in vertical and incline models, as well as full I-beam tracks or split I-beam tracks, which is recommended in areas with higher levels of electrolysis.

A vinyl seawall is a protective barrier made of durable vinyl materials designed to prevent erosion and protect waterfront properties from the impact of waves and water. Vinyl seawalls are ideal for areas with softer soil conditions, as they offer excellent resistance to corrosion, rot, and pests. They are best used in coastal regions, lakes, and canals, where the water level fluctuates and where a robust, low-maintenance seawall solution is essential for the long-term protection of the shoreline.

A steel seawall is a sturdy and reliable barrier constructed using steel sheet piles or panels to defend coastal properties and shorelines against erosion and wave impact. Steel seawalls are exceptionally strong, making them suitable for areas with high water flow and significant wave action. They are best used in locations with strong currents, tidal fluctuations, and areas prone to storms, hurricanes, or rough weather conditions, where the added strength and durability of steel are essential for robust shoreline protection.

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